women's defense coalition of delaware
Our Mission Statement: We are a non-partisan movement of women across Delaware providing training, education, resources, and advocacy for a woman's ability to defend herself so that she may live with less fear and more freedom.
The Women's Defense Coalition of Delaware works diligently to create relationships with adequate and reputable instructors, training groups, FFL's, local businesses, and pro 2A organizations. Through these relationships we are able to refer women to top-notch women friendly instructors, advocate on a legislative level, and bring low cost or free personal protection training to the most vulnerable members of our community.
Each year, the Women's Defense Coalition of Delaware provides several free training opportunities to residents in each county as well as additional opportunities as dictated by the needs of each community.
It is our belief that every woman has the right to choose which means of protection suits her, and we fight for it!
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With Women in Mind Self-defense Expo

Join the Women's Defense Coalition of Delaware for our 2nd annual self-defense expo, With Women In Mind! We will be partnering with Delaware Tactical, It's All About Protection, and Seaside Krav Maga in efforts to educate participants in multiple areas of self-defense.
We will have 3 hands-on interactive stations and 1 classroom only training that will give you an in-depth peak into many options for defense.
While this Expo is designed "With Women In Mind", it is open to men and teens as well! This will be a safe and welcoming environment for learning the mindset behind defensive uses of force, get hands-on with qualified instructors guiding you every step of the way, and an opportunity to try multiple types of firearms in an environment. Whether completely new to learning or more advanced, we guarantee you will learn more than you thought possible.

WDC understands that firearms are not for everyone. For this reason we are bringing in instructors from different disciplines to ensure each participant gets the most out of the day.

The Expo will begin at 9 am and end promptly at 4 pm with a debrief. You will rotate through each station with a lunch break mid-day. We will supply a cooler of bottled water at each station and all supplies for training!

WDC board members, instructors, and group leaders will be on hand to answer any questions you may have throughout the day. Even if you attended last year's, we've reorganized to make sure returning participants will enjoy it just as much.
Bring a packed lunch. Wear comfy clothes that you aren't afraid to get dirty and tennis shoes! NO OPEN TOED SHOES. Please make sure to eat breakfast before coming and bring some snacks for the day. See you soon!

WDC WILL NOT PROVIDE ANY REFUNDS. We are offering this at an extremely low cost and all funds from tickets will simply cover the costs of the event.

Grab a friend, your spouse, or your teens and get tickets here:

Women's Speed Dating with guns

Speed Dating... With Pews??
If it can help find the perfect man, it can help find the perfect gun.
Join Delaware Tactical and the Women's Defense Coalition of Delaware for an opportunity to find your perfect match!

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is, "What gun do you recommend for..."

  • A beginner
  • Someone with arthritis 
  • Small or large hands
  • The aging shooter
  • For those with a visual impairment
  • Pistol mounted optics
Renting guns can get expensive and still leave you uncertain about which firearm suits you best. Let our instructors walk you through an array of different firearms and remove all the guesswork!
This women's only event aims to
  1. Teach you the proper thumbs forward grip
  2. Allow you to try a multitude of reliable firearms without spending hundreds on range and rental fees
  3. Provide you with professional instruction while you try all the different options
Come dressed in proper range attire
  • Closed toed shoes
  • No low cut shirts
  • Wear a baseball style hat
We will supply the firearm, ammo, eye protection, ear protection, and everything else you will need for the day!

October 29th - 9am

26086 Bethel Concord rd

Seaford De

Only $25.00 per person