This class will focus greatly on efficiency and economy of motion in the following areas: Presentation, trigger control, appropriate sight picture and multiple threats while shooting on a combination of target types including steel. We will also introduce our task, condition, standard drills in this course giving you measurable drills that you can monitor your progress.

We will teach you how to engage multiple threats, threat priority, transitioning between threats, scanning, movement and movement to cover and much more. We will discuss statistical dats that shows 51% of the time there is more than one threat. We will run multiple drills that will give you the opportunity to learn these skillsets.

400 rounds of ammunition for this class

You must have completed our basic combat rifle as a pre-requisite. All of these courses end with the opportunity to take a test that if passed you will receive a Tier III challenge coin. This gives you the opportunity to attend our Tier III classes 

This is an 6 hour course and the cost is $195.00

Equipment List:

  • Rifle with a sling and at least 3 magazines. if magazines are low capacity then 4 or more
  • 400 rounds of ammunition
  • Clothes suitable for range work in the weather 
  • A notebook and something to write with