Interactive Simulator Training

This real-world self-defense scenario training is designed to improve your mindset and skills, regardless of experience level or background, in a safe and controlled environment.

You can practice making split-second decisions, which will help you to understand the legal use of force. This is one of the most practical and effective ways to recognize when — or if — the use of deadly force is justified. Test your knowledge and learn from realistic situations that you could encounter in your daily life.

Simulation training scenarios activate students’ mental and physical responses to mimic real self-defense scenarios, giving you a deeper understanding of how you’ll react under pressure.

Our pistol and rifle training firearms have felt recoil for an experience as close to reality as possible. In our rifle simulator courses you will have the choice of using your AR platform rifle or our training rifle. 

What you need for the course:

  • An open mind
  • A sturdy belt to attach a holster

Delaware Tactical provides everything you need for these courses except for your belt!

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These classes are held at our Defense Training Academy

70 Sarah Circle

Camden Delaware

Cost of 3-4 hour course $75.00