Realtor safety and self-defense

During this 6 hour training course you will participate in Force on Force training scenarios based on real life possibilities specific to the Realtor profession. There will be a variety of threat encounter scenarios that include:

  • The space outside the home
  • Moving through the home
  • Multiple clients
  • Working with a partner


  • Recognize the unique aspects of your job that put you at risk of a violent encounter.
  • Learn to avoid violent encounters by developing an acute awareness of your surroundings. Differentiate between “looking” and “seeing,” and understand how to detect threat indicators early.
  • Recognize the physical and psychological effects that you might experience during a dynamic critical incident.
  • Learn how to employ various defensive strategies to mitigate an unwanted encounter before it escalates.
  • Recognize the defensive options — both armed and unarmed — you can use to help keep you safe


These classes are held at our Defense Training Academy

70 Sarah Circle

Camden Delaware

What to expect in this course

  • We will be using force on force equipment including training knives, shock knives, training pistols and munitions that are designed to give you the closest experience to reality possible.
  • Shock knives are designed to create a feeling of being cut in an altercation.
  • Training knives allow full force attack and defense in a safe environment.
  • UTM and Simunition ammunition used in our training pistols allows for a full force on force experience. These munitions create a pain response if shot, creating real world experience and response from you.
    • Get bumps and bruises
    • Learn how YOU respond to high level stress situations
    • Experience the feeling of fighting for your life
    • Learn how to increase your situational awareness, positioning skills, threat recognition skills