deadly force encounters

Amazingly informative class that will answer the following questions and many more:

How does your body and mind respond to a deadly force encounter?

what is your natural response to threats?

What is the fight or flight response really?

What are the physiological and psychological effects of high level stress?

This is an in depth, deep in the weeds, analysis of threat response and how to train and educate your brain to WIN the fight.

We will cover the following subject matter in this class:

O.O.D.A. Loop – our decision making process

Cooper’s Color codes of awareness

Fine, and gross motor skills and what effects their function

The physiological and psychological effects of a stressful situation

What fear is and how to use it to our advantage

What unconditional respect is

Mental rehearsal

Stress inoculation training

W.I.N. philosophy

Action vs. Reaction

How to identify pre assault indicators

This is an information packed class that will help you understand the physiological and psychological effects of high level stress and how to train to respond to the fear and WIN the fight!!

This course is open to ALL ages 

This is a 3-4 hour class - $75.00 class fee