Room Clearing Tactics

This complete 6 hour course is all about room clearing, working angles and obstacles, intersections, threshold assessments, engaging threats, home defense and more. There will be a classroom portion where we will discuss legal issues, tactics, myths about over penetration, lighting, safety and defense plans. You will use training firearms and engage each other during this course.

We will use the crawl, walk, run method of teaching here, by first working a corner or a doorway then a room and hallway, then building to work multiple rooms and hallways. We will run you through complete scenarios including calling 911, what to say, and options for you in a home defense situation. 

We will discuss threshold assessments and how it applies to doorways, hallways and other obstacles. We will stress 360* security and how that looks when working alone. This is a high repetition class every step of the way. We keep these classes fairly small so you are not standing around waiting.  

Prerequisites for this class are simple, you must be proficient and comfortable handling a firearm safely. Come learn how to protect your home and loved ones legally. 

Course cost $250.00 and we supply everything you need for the class