Real World Training for Real World Problems

A Holistic Approach to Safety, Self-Defense & Firearm Training

We are a veteran Law enforcement officer owned and operated business with over 29 years of weapons and tactics instructor experience. Whether you are a Law Enforcement officer, LE instructor, first time firearm owner or a seasoned shooter, our curriculum will enhance your ability to protect yourself, your family and the public with proven techniques, skills and tactics.

At Delaware Tactical, we draw students from all over the Mid-Atlantic region for top-notch instruction and courses based on sound common sense, proven combat fundamentals applied in a 720* world mindset. No flat range, bowling alley concepts here.

We teach students to have competence and confidence in their ability to protect themselves. They leave class having learned solid, common sense and repeatable systems for gun handling, safety, shooting, loading, reloading, drawing, hitting rapidly, shooting while moving and mindset.

Our Mission

Helping our students train to protect themselves and their loved ones from any one or any thing who would wish to cause them harm or end their life. This requires teaching a mindset, a way of life. We want to teach avoidance when possible and violence only when necessary. Life is precious and should be cherished. We don’t just want them to be good with a gun, we want them to not need it.