Krav Maga Self-Defense/Self Protection For Women

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“Your attacker will choose you because they are bigger, faster and stronger.  They expect you to react in the same way as the last people they’ve attacked.  They know that speed, surprise, and violence will immediately turn you into putty.  They think you will be the ideal victim!”

“But now you’ve flipped the tables!  Like hitting your attacker’s reset button,  you go off-script. Instead of becoming a submissive victim, you fight hard and don’t quit.  You turn violence into a tool and use it in your favor to injure your attacker so you can get home safely.”

Krav Maga originated in Israel as a method to quickly and effectively train and prepare soldiers for hand-to-hand combat.  Today, Krav Maga remains the primary method taught to the Israeli Defense Forces as part of their military training. 

Unlike traditional martial arts training, Krav Maga does not rely on elaborate performances, demonstrations, or ceremonies.  Krav Maga movements don’t rely on athleticism, require years of technical practice or skilled training partners to pull them off. 

Krav Maga classes teach people ways to avoid and de-escalate dangerous situations and how to fight for survival when necessary.  Students learn that since there are no rules in an assault, you can never give up!

Violence is rarely the answer, but when it is, it’s the only answer.  Learn how to do whatever it takes when your life is at stake.  Often, the difference between a close call and a catastrophe is preparation.  Training helps instill a strategic mindset that works to reduce the likelihood of violent incidents in your life.

Develop the the strategies, skill-sets, and knowledge to prevent a violent confrontation.  Sign up for a Krav Maga Self Defense clinic and discover the peace of mind that comes from being prepared.

Training Overview:  This is a three hour clinic and students must be at least 15yrs old to attend.  Cost is $75 per person or $65 for family registration.

  • Understand Types of Violence
  • Build Your Mindset and Increase Your Awareness
  • Develop and Practice Deescalation Techniques
  • Identify Targets and Use The Body as a Weapon
  • Practice Real-World Scenarios
  • *Students should attend wearing comfortable clothing.  No jewelry or watches should be worn during training.

**Classes are held at Seaside Krav Maga located at: 17543 Nassau Commons Blvd., Lewes, DE 19958.

The next class is being held Saturday, August 19 from 9am-12pm

Contact Ted Dabbs 302-448-9833 to register