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Street Combatives is a modern self protection training methodology.  It is not a martial art, but it combines movements from various martial arts systems like Krav Maga, Muay Thai, grappling & jiu-jitsu. 

Street Combatives utilizes simple gross movements that anyone can do.  They can easily be learned in a short amount of time, and are retained under stress. 

Street Combatives is a real-world training program that teaches law-abiding citizens how to avoid violence and how to use it when necessary.

Training Overview:  This is a one day full 8 hour course

  • Principle based tactics used to face a violent confrontation with one or more attackers, when avoidance and de-escalation aren’t an option.
  • Develops personal awareness & how to identify threat indicators.
  • Addresses the real-time fight stress and physiological responses when threatened.
  • Employs de-escalation tactics, preemption, lethal & non-lethal tools.
  • Uses the body as a weapon to cause injury to specific targets on the attackers body.
  • Movements do not rely on athleticism, require years of technical practice or skilled training partners to pull them off.
  • Develops long-term retention with immediate recall when threatened.


*Students should attend wearing comfortable clothing.  No jewelry or watches, should be worn during training.

**Lunch and water will be provided.

***Class Cost: $249