Armed and unarmed combatives


A street combatives program with 3 levels of classes designed to teach the mindset and skill sets to help you win a violent encounter.

Street Combatives is a modern self protection training methodology.  It is not a martial art, but it combines movements from various martial arts systems like Krav Maga, Muay Thai, grappling & jiu-jitsu.  

Street Combatives utilizes simple gross movements that anyone can do.  They can easily be learned in a short amount of time, can be adaptable to different circumstances, and are retained under stress.  Its main principles focus on avoiding the avoidable and using violence when necessary.

Training Outline:

  • Principle based tactics used when facing a violent confrontation with one or more attackers, when avoidance and de-escalation are no longer an option.
  • Addresses the real-time fight stress and physiological responses when threatened.
  • Focuses on striking tactics that utilize body weight to cause injury on specific targets.
  • Movements do not rely on athleticism, require years of technical practice or skilled training partners to pull them off.
  • Develops understanding of personal awareness & recognizing pre-fight behavior.
  • Utilizes tactics of pre-emption, with lethal & non-lethal tools.
  • Principle training produces long-term retention with immediate recall when threatened.

The classes we will offer will include:

Level 1:  A 3 hour class focused on awareness & intentional mindset training & de-escalation skills.  Introduce target focus training that prepare you for level 2.

Level 2: A 3 hour class working on target focus—slow motion ballet; find the target & strike.  Introduction to scenarios to prepare you for level 3.

Level 3: A 4 hour class focused on combatives & scenarios, striking & pad work.   Instructors wear suit and attack students. Content from L-1 & L-2 to be reviewed.