Individual Lessons

One-on-one coaching is available. You can schedule your session and a Delaware Tactical instructor will meet you and deliver one on one personalized instruction based on your skill level and the direction you would like to take. We will customize training to your needs. We can coach you on handgun, rifle and shotgun. Personalized instruction is $75.00 per hour.

Call 302-222-7724 to schedule your personalized training OR use the button below under the trainer's name to sign up!



James Ashmead

Firearms Instructor/ NREMT

James started his Law Enforcement/ Security career in 1996 while working at the Delaware Department of Correction. He worked at multiple facilities. He was a member of the Correctional emergency response team (C.E.R.T. team) and remained on the team for the last three of the five years before leaving the State of Delaware. In 2001 he graduated from the FLETC "Federal Law Enforcement Training Center" in GLYNCO Georgia and was assigned to Kansas to work for the Federal Bureau of Prisons at United States Penitentiary Leavenworth. After working at USP Leavenworth, he was transferred to USP Victorville " United States Penitentiary" California. During his law enforcement career, he has attended numerous hours of Firearms training in Rifles, Shotguns and Pistols. James came on board with Delaware Tactical as an EMT and Firearms Instructor 2 years ago. James is the owner of EAST COAST TACMED GROUP and delivers STOP THE BLEED training courses, First Aid/CPR and assists with our Combat Medical live fire courses. As a full time Firefighter/NREMT he has extensive knowledge in trauma based treatment and tactics. He is certified with T.E.C.C. Tactical Emergency Casualty Care and also carries a STOP THE BLEED instructor certification. James holds a certification in Active Shooter Medical Response and assists with our live fire active shooter courses.


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Shane Smart

Firearms Instructor

Shane came to Delaware Tactical 3 years ago with a background in sporting clays and waterfowl hunting experience.  He is also a competitive shooter in the USPSA scene. Shane is a certified firearms instructor with Delaware Tactical and the USCCA. He is also a primary instructor on the range with CCDW and Basic Combat Handgun, rifle, shotgun as well as advanced handgun courses. He provides the FFL services for Delaware Tactical.


To schedule an appointment in July call Shane at 302.745.3947 or Delaware Tactical 302.222.7724




The newest member of the Delaware Tactical family, Erin is extremely passionate about self-defense and being a certified firearms instructor for the last 3 years. She has also been enrolled in our insructor program for the last year and has assisted with many of our CCDW and BCHG courses.  She is now a full time instructor with Delaware Tactical available for all of our ladies only courses, one on one coaching as well as our ladies only CCDW.

She is a Southern Delaware Chapter Leader and instructor for The Well Armed woman, and an advocate with the Women's Defense Coalition of Delaware.

"For me, life started out being born into abuse. I survived and I now have a passion for teaching women how to #TrainToLive.

Self-defense is so much more than just buying a firearm and taking a class. Survival is about mindset. It's about actively choosing to LIVE, no matter what comes at you.

As a firearms instructor, a mom, a wife, a tradeswoman, and an active learner of all forms of self-defense, I look forward to helping you attain all of your self-defense needs." - Erin

All statements have been provided by the instructors. Delaware Tactical is not responsible for any possible inaccuracies in their statements