All Delaware Tactical staff are BLS/CPR/AED and Stop The Bleed certified. 



Scott Taylor

Firearms Instructor/Training Director/founder

Founded Delaware Tactical in 2015 from a base of knowledge, skills, tactics, training and experience drawn from a 25 year career in Law Enforcement.

During my career of 25 years with the Delaware Department of Correction, I spent more than 24 of those years in some type of instructor capacity, sixteen of those years as the primary instructor and assistant commander for the Correctional Emergency Response Team CERT.

I spent my time instructing Officer survival, handgun, shotgun, rifle, team tactics, high risk entrees, hostage rescue, escapee management, terrain search, breaching, less lethal, chemical munitions, and many other special weapons and tactics courses.

I hold various master instructor certifications in use of force, defensive tactics, less lethal options (chemical agents, OC, distraction devices, ERD's, less lethal munitions), firearms and tactics.

I spent 8 years as the Departments Range Operations Manager, responsible for all range operations, officer certifications for 2300 staff as well as 27 firearms instructors and range master annual certifications.

During my years with CERT command I spent several years in a dual role as Instructor and K9 handler. I was the first to integrate a K9 team into a tactical team for building entries. I developed CQB riot techniques for modern jail facilities where typical riot control formations are not feasible.

I have spent my entire career developing training programs, lesson plans, tactics for officers and tactical teams based on solid principles and best practices.

I have worked and trained closely with State and local police and SWAT, FBI, DEA, Marshals, Air Marshals and surrounding state agencies on the street and inside the institutions. 

In 2015 I took the experience and knowledge of my LEO years combined with 720 degree training mindset and started Delaware Tactical. Since then we have delivered instruction to over 1,500 civilians, Law Enforcement, military and contractors per year.

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  • Sig Sauer Academy Master Pistol Instructor
  • Sig Sauer Academy Master Rifle Instructor
  • Sig Sauer Academy Pistol Mounted Optics Instructor
  • UTM 8 hour Instructor course for force on force training
  • Advanced Pistol Marksmanship with OpSpec Training - Sig Academy - 8 hours
  • Texas State University “Civilian Response to Active Shooter” -  8 hours
  • Texas State University “Active Shooter Events and Response”  - 8 hours
  • FLETC Tactical Medical for First Responders - 16 hours
  • Sig Sauer Rifle Armorer - 8 hours
  • Sig Sauer Handgun Armorer - 16 hours
  • International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors “Master Firearms Instructor Course” - 40 hours
  • State of Delaware LE K9 Handler Certification  - 560 hours
  • NIC Instructor Training Design and Development  - 40 hour
  • NIC Instructor Training for Trainers - 40 hour
  • Pepperball Instructor - 40 hours
  • Pepperball Armorer Certification  - 40 hours
  • FLETC Use of Force - 24 hours
  • KARBON Arms REACT – SHIELD – Less Lethal Master Instructor
  • Stinger EID Instructor
  • CTS – Combined Tactical Systems Instructor Chemical Munitions
  • CTS – Combined Tactical Systems Instructor Less Lethal
  • CTS – Combined Tactical Systems Instructor Flash Bang Devices
  • CTS – Combined Tactical Systems Instructor Aerosols
  • CTS – Combined Tactical Systems Senior Instructor Chemical munitions
  • CTS – Combined Tactical Systems Senior Instructor Less Lethal
  • CTS – Combined Tactical Systems Senior Instructor Flash Bang Devices
  • CTS – Combined Tactical Systems Senior Instructor Aerosols
  • Correctional Emergency Response Team Basic Training - 127 hours
  • Delaware Department of Correction Chemical Agents Instructor Certification
  • Interpersonal Communications Instructor Certification - 40 hours
  • Northeast Counter Drug “Identifying Deceptive Behavior” - 24 hour
  • Northeast Counter Drug “Basic Warrant Excecution” -  32 hour
  • Northeast Counter Drug “Complete Traffic Stops” - 16 hour
  • FBI “Interview and Interrogation” - 16 hours
  • Monadnock Expandable Baton Instructor - 40 hour
  • Protective Safety Systems “Use of Force” Instructor - 16 hours
  • Protective Safety Systems “Force on Force” Instructor - 8 hour
  • Protective Safety Systems “Defensive Tactics” - Instructor - 16 hours
  • Protective Safety Systems “Firearms Instructor” - 40 hours
  • Stun Tech Instructor - 40 hour
  • Delaware DOC Range Safety Officer Certification - 72 hours
  • Delaware DOC Range Master Certification - 125 hours
  • Delaware DOC Basic Life Support Instructor Certification - 72 hours
  • Delaware DOC Emergency Preparedness Instructor Certification - 40 hours
  • Delaware DOC Hostage Negotiation Certification  - 28 hours
  • USPCA S.K.I.D.D.S. Tactical K9 Certification - 24 hours
  • Forced Entry Tactical Training Explosive Breaching - 40 Hours
  • National Heart Association CPR First Aid Instructor Certification - 40 hours
  • ASHI First Aid, CPR, AED Instructor Certification - 40 hours
  • Fight for Life Officer Survival Training - 40 hours
  • IMS Counter Terror School “Israeli Bus Assaults” -  8 hours
  • Delaware State Police COPT Firearms Instructor Certification - 40 hours
  • Sigarms Pistol Transition Course - 24 hours
  • Blackwater Carbine Instructor Course - 40 hours
  • US Marshals Combat First Aid Certification - 8 hours
  • US Marshals Combat Pistol Certification - 32 hours
  • State of Delaware Fire School Rappel Master Certification Course - 40 hours
  • Defense Technologies Instructor Certification Course “Chemical Agents” - 16 hours
  • Defense Technologies Instructor Certification Course “Less Lethal” - 8 hours
  • Defense Technologies Instructor Certification Course “Gas Mask” - 8 hours
  • Defense Technologies Instructor Certification Course “Distraction Devices” - 8 hours
  • Simunitions Force on Force Instructor Course  - 16 hours
  • Tactical Response “Way of the Pistol”  - 40 hours
  • Sig Sauer Master Rifle Instructor Certification - 16 hours

To schedule an appointment call 302.222.7724

gay chris 2

Chris Skelton

Firearms Instructor 

Chris Skelton has been with Delaware Tactical for 5 years, 3 of them as a Certified Instructor with Delaware Tactical. He always strives to be a student first, and loves to pass on the knowledge he has gained to others. He has a background of waterfowl and deer hunting and sport clay shooting before coming to Delaware Tactical. He likes to focus on helping students refining their skills and understand the why of how we train. Chris enjoys helping students to grow and excel in their firearms journey.

Chris is an instructor for Basic Combat Handgun, CCDW, Basic Rifle, and assists with and Advanced classes.  

To schedule an appointment call or text Chris at 302.584.7433 or Delaware Tactical at 302.222.7724


All statements have been provided by the instructors. Delaware Tactical is not responsible for any possible inaccuracies in their statements


Erin Chronister

Firearms Instructor 

Erin joined our group in 2020 and is extremely passionate about self-defense and being a certified firearms instructor for the last 3 years. She has also been enrolled in our insructor program for the last year and has assisted with many of our CCDW and BCHG courses.  She is now a full time instructor with Delaware Tactical available for all of our ladies only courses, one on one coaching as well as our ladies only CCDW.

She is a Southern Delaware Chapter Leader and instructor for The Well Armed woman, and an advocate with the Women's Defense Coalition of Delaware.

"For me, life started out being born into abuse. I survived and I now have a passion for teaching women how to #TrainToLive.

Self-defense is so much more than just buying a firearm and taking a class. Survival is about mindset. It's about actively choosing to LIVE, no matter what comes at you.

As a firearms instructor, a mom, a wife, a tradeswoman, and an active learner of all forms of self-defense, I look forward to helping you attain all of your self-defense needs." - Erin

To schedule an appointment in call Erin at 302.500.3144 or Delaware Tactical 302.222.7724

All statements have been provided by the instructors. Delaware Tactical is not responsible for any possible inaccuracies in their statements


Jason Wright

NRA/LE pistol and shotgun instructor 

Jason started his professional career in contract security for a few years where he first found his passion for firearms. He then started as a special police officer in DC where he was eventually selected to become one of three department firearm instructors. He did a total of 7 years as an officer and four of those years as the lead instructor for the department of over 100 officers. He has taught a wide range of experience levels and whether you’re at a beginner level or an advanced level, he can help make you a better shooter.

To schedule an appointment in call Delaware Tactical 302.222.7724

Ted's pic

Ted dabbs jr



Sensei Ted Dabbs has been actively involved in martial arts for nearly 30 years.  He is the founder (2010) & head instructor of Seaside Dojo School of Martial Arts, located at 17543 Nassau Commons Blvd., Lewes, DE.  He is a strong advocate for personal protection and believes strongly that martial arts is a pathway to self awareness and physical well-being.

Sensei Ted holds black belts in Tae Kwon Do and HeihoShinDo styles of martial arts, and achieved a master’s degree in exercise science.  He has taught physical education and health, coached at division one universities, and worked as a personal trainer.  He has provided self-defense instruction for area schools, realtors, medical staff, women’s groups, and kids camps.  He has worked as a private investigator, served as a security specialist for large venues and serves on his church guardian team.  

Ted has joined Delaware Tactical as a concealed carry instructor & combatives trainer.  He trains unarmed individuals how to protect themselves when facing a violent encounter using principles of awareness, de-escalation and combatives.


M.A., Exercise Science with master’s thesis, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI, 1991

B.A., Physical Education and Health, Secondary Teacher Certification and Coaching, Graceland College, Lamoni, IA, 1988


USCCA Concealed Carry & Home Defense Certified Instructor

NRA Range Safety Officer - Basic Firearms Instructor

Certified Adrenal Stress Scenario Instructor, FAST Defense 

CPR, American Red Cross

Neuro-Linguistic Programming:  Certified Master Practitioner

To schedule an appointment in call Ted at

(302) 448-9833 ~ teddabbs@mac.com

or Delaware Tactical 302.222.7724 

All statements have been provided by the instructors. Delaware Tactical is not responsible for any possible inaccuracies in their statements


Deborah Borges

Firearms Instructor 

Deborah’s focus is on helping new and inexperienced shooters become proficient with a firearm. A skilled K-12 educator, Deborah’s patience and ability to communicate make her a favorite on the range. She understands how to help students feel comfortable while developing the ability to shoot safely and effectively. Deborah seeks to empower others by teaching them the skills they need to defend themselves and those they love.

She is a Certified Firearms Instructor and Range Safety Officer with the USCCA and assists with a variety of Delaware Tactical courses.

In 2021, Deborah co-founded the Women’s Defense Coalition of Delaware, a nonprofit that provides resources and advocacy for a woman's ability to defend herself. She currently serves on the Board of Directors and is a past President of the organization.

Additionally, Deborah frequently donates her time as a Chapter Leader/Instructor for the Southern Delaware chapter of Armed Women of America.

Bilingual Spanish/English

To schedule an appointment contact Deborah at 302.359.8309 or Delaware Tactical at 302.222.7724.

JP Headshot 10.22.23

Jennifer “J” Powell, Esq.


J has joined forces with Delaware Tactical Defense Training Academy to serve as their Delaware Certified Security Guard instructor.  She brings to the table over thirty years of experience in the Criminal Justice field to include serving public safety in the following roles: 

  • Assistant State Attorney and Supervisor for Broward County, FL
  • Road patrol officer, midnight shift in Broward County, FL
  • Certified instructor and subject matter expert, Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE)
  • Instructor/ Professor: Law and Criminal Justice for Polytech School District (DE), Delaware Tactical Defense Training Academy, Widener University, Nova Southeastern University and Kaplan University
  • Writer and consultant: legal briefs and memoranda, white and positional papers, speeches, press releases, policy and procedures, legislation, grant applications, training courses, and case preparation.
  • Graduate of the University of Miami School of Law (Juris Doctorate), Marymount Manhattan College (Bachelor of Arts: Business Management), Certified Fitness & Yoga Instructor
  • Member the Florida and Federal Bar Associations and of ASIS (2023)

J is also the owner of StandByMe Security LLC, an affordable personal protection and private investigation agency.  She relies on Delaware Tactical to ensure her agents are exceptionally well-prepared to provide protective services for our clients.

All statements have been provided by the instructors. Delaware Tactical is not responsible for any possible inaccuracies in their statements


Josh Wright


Josh has been a firearms enthusiast and professional marketeer for over 15 years in a multitude of industries. In that time, he has been a published photographer and videographer for multiple mainstream print and digital media outlets. He has also become a certified instructor in his time with Delaware Tactical. Be sure to check out our social media outlets for some awesome Delaware Tactical content.

Looking for a new optic, light, tactical bag, etc.? Ask Josh or Scott to see what Delaware Tactical has to offer to outfit your kit! 

Josh@DelawareTactical.com  302-222-7724


Stefanie Givans-Wright

Marketing/First Aid/CPR

Stefanie is a firearms enthusiast with a background in psychology and nursing within the healthcare industry, while also having a skill set in photography and videography. Josh and Stef make up our marketing and social media team to showcase our coursework and other offerings, all to help you #TrainHardSuckLess!