201 - Combat Rifle

This 8 hour course is THE prerequisite for all other Advanced Rifle courses with Delaware Tactical. You must complete this course in order to be eligible to attend other rifle training courses offered by Delaware Tactical. We use a training program and philosophy that is unique and second to none. Our Combat Rifle course prepares you to prevail in a real world violent confrontation. We do no teach target shooting. We teach you how to fight with your firearm.

This is the beginning step in learning how to fight with your firearm. This is the first step in personal defense with a rifle. Whether you have never handled a firearm or you have been shooting all of your life, you will learn the skill sets and fundamentals of defending yourself with a firearm.

This course is much more then teaching you how to press a trigger. We will teach you about mindset, situational awareness, shot avoidance, psychological and physiological effects of a deadly force encounter, statistics to make you smarter and more aware as well how to create solid neural pathways that help you respond under stress, the role and attributes of the handgun, legal aspects of deadly force, anatomical stopping power, mental conditioning for combat.

Live fire drills will include both right and left handed shooting, use of cover and concealment, loading and reloading, Clearing malfunctions, using both eyes instead of one, at a variety of ranges and from a variety of shooting positions. We do this by applying solid combat fundamentals, common sense techniques and safety.

You will leave with homework/Dry practice and recommendations/consideration for you to conduct your dry practice drills safely and efficiently.

  • One (1) open mind
  • A Fighting rifle (Bolt, lever, semi auto not limited to AR or AK)
  • 250 rounds of quality ammo
  • Eye Protection
  • Ear Protection
  • Minimum of 4 magazines
  • A sling for your rifle is a must
  • Magazine carrier recommended but not necessary
  • Raingear (We shoot rain or shine)
  • Hat and sunblock
  • Knee Pads (Optional)
  • Water

Course cost $250.00

Failing to bring the equipment listed will reduce the quality of your traing experience and could cause you to have to reschedule your course. we do not give refunds but we will reschedule.