Security Guards/Firearm Guards

All applicants must complete a 40-hour firearms course with an approved instructor. See Rules & Regulations 1.2 under the Firearm’s Policy in the link below for additional information.

Security Guards/ Firearm Guards

Our next course is March 20-23, 2023

This is the 40 hour firearms course you will need for the red card to work as a Security Guard.

You will need to provide the following equipment for the course:

  • Paperwork that you will need signed
  • Duty firearm
  • Duty rig with holster
  • Minimum of 3 magazines - if using a revolver then a minimum of 3 speed loaders
  • 1000 rounds of target ammunition for your firearm

Cost of the course is $550.00

Red Card annual qualification

This is the qualification course of fire needed for annual qualification for the Red card for armored car, security, constable - 50 round course of fire
you will need:
The fire arm you will carry
Quality rigid holster
3 magazines or more
A minimum of 50 rounds of ammunition per attempt to qualify. We will give you 3 attempts to qualify so bring up to 150 rounds of ammunition

Day shoot $100.00

Day with a night shoot $150.00