Delaware Tactical is now offering LEOSA HR 218 qualifications for retirees. You must present a driver’s license and retired I.D. at time of the qualification. You will need your firearm that you intend to carry as well as 50 rounds for qualification per firearm you intend to qualify with. The cost is $100.00 for the first firearm qualification and $25.00 for each additional firearm you intend to qualify with.

Firearms/equipment requirements

  • Semi-automatic pistols and revolvers only
  • Must be of a caliber of at least .380acp or greater
  • No Derringers, mini revolvers or similar
  • No rim fire pistols or revolvers
  • Firearm must have a trigger guard 
  • You must use a quality holster made of Leather, Kydex or similar material
    • Sticky, pocket or nylon holsters are not allowed 
  • You must wear a quality belt

Retiring from another state?

Retirees from other states will need to present their retired I.D. from their department as well as any other paper work their agency requires. We have LEOSA cards available for out of state retirees. Retiree is responsible for completing any and all steps required by their agency as well as state and federal law. Please check with your agency for compliance.

Qualification Standards

  • You must follow the 4 fundamental firearms safety rules at all times
  • You must manipulate and function your firearm safely and proficiently
  • You must conduct yourself in a safe manner under all conditions
  • You must use a firearm and holster that allows you to conduct a one hand reload safely
  • You must pass the 50 round course of fire with a score of 80% or better

Failure to comply with the above standards may result in a removal from the course or disqualification. This may require you to reschedule after completing a firearms safety/refresher course. Our instructors conduct themselves in an extremely professional manner and your qualification will be based on their judgement of your abilities. Their decision is final.

There are no refunds for disqualifications, failing to follow safety rules, not have proper equipment or not having proper documentation. Rescheduling for any of these reasons will require another class fee. There are no refunds for cancellation or not showing up for the qualification.