202 - Pistol - Preparing for the Fight

This is a great follow up course for Basic Combat Handgun. We take the fundamentals that you learned in BCGH and get you moving. we will teach you the concepts behind staying in motion, moving to cover, closing the gap, shot placement, making hits in the appropriate area based on the situation. We break down the deficiencies of flat range 180* mindset and get you thinking about reality.

Topics that will be covered include:


The average gunfight happens at 3 feet away, lasts 3 seconds and an average of 3 rounds are fired. You will learn about retention shooting, fending techniques, appropriate extension, how to safely collect the gun when creating distance. This class is an absolute must for anyone wanting to learn how to defend themselves with a firearm from a compromised position. You are already locked up with the bad guy!!! How do we win!!



This is all about fighting up close and personal with your pistol. We will teach how to defend yourself in this high stress rapidly evolving situation. You will participate in drills simulating rear attacks, ground fighting, multiple threats at document exchange distances and much more. we will emphasize making your hits, moving your feet, turning the violent switch on and turning it off when the fighting is over, situational awareness, scanning and finding a new place to be. If you want to learn how to fight and run drills doing just that then this is the course for you.



In any gun fight it is extremely important to keep your heart in motion. It may also be necessary to engage the threat with your firearm as you move to cover or get out of the area of danger or get to a family member. We take a common sense approach to moving and shooting and will teach you the key elements to be successful at this technique. We will also teach you how to move tactically to a piece of cover. You will participate in several drills where you will shoot while you move, shoot then move and move then shoot. We emphasize making your hits and only shooting when you can make your hits. This skill set is one of the most difficult to master and requires many hours of practice to be competent at hitting your target while moving your feet.



FBI statistics show 51% of the time there are two threats, not one. we will teach you how to effectively identify, prioritize, evade and/or engage multiple threats. 



This course meets the requirements for:

LEVEL 2 - PLATINUM and ELITE shooting qualifications


This is an 8 hour course and the cost is $195.00

Equipment List:

Pistol with at least 3 magazines. if magazines are low capacity then 4 or more

400 rounds of ammunition

Holster (no nylon or leather) and quality belt (stiff)

Clothes suitable for range work in the weather 

A notebook and something to write with