Annual Training Memberships are now available!!!!

Train more for less by purchasing and annual training membership for a one-time cost of $225

We realize training can be expensive, especially when you factor in ammunition costs. That is why we have decided to start a training membership.

Membership perks include:

You will receive a 1-day training class of your choice at no extra cost 

. This includes the following classes:

  • Basic handgun, rifle, and shotgun classes
  • Advance firearms classes
  • PRAXIS classes
  • Medical classes
  • Less lethal

25% off any additional classes you sign up for during the year

  • Enjoy 25% savings on classes you attend throughout the year

“Members Only” training days at a reduced cost to you!

  • Advanced tactics
  • Advanced shooting drills

To sign up for our annual training membership click on the link below

The only classes excluded from the free or discounted offers will be:

First Time Shooter

Combatives classes

Individual lessons

The membership is only valid for the individual signing up. The membership cannot be transferred, sold, or used by another party. For monthly installment membership you must commit to a full year. There are no refunds to the memberships.