Armored Car Guards

All applicants must complete a 40-hour firearms course with an approved instructor. See Rules & Regulations 1.2 under the Firearm’s Policy in the link below for additional information.

Armored Car Guards 

Our next course is November 14-18, 2022

This is the 40 hour firearms course you will need to obtain a Red card for security Guard or work as a constable.

You will need to provide the following equipment for the course:

  • Paperwork that you will need signed
  • Duty firearm
  • Duty rig with holster
  • Minimum of 3 magazines - if using a revolver then a minimum of 3 speed loaders
  • 500 rounds of target ammunition for your firearm

Red Card annual qualification

This is the qualification course of fire needed for annual qualification for the Red card for armored car, security, constable - 50 round course of fire
you will need:
The fire arm you will carry
Quality rigid holster
3 magazines or more
A minimum of 50 rounds of ammunition per attempt to qualify. We will give you 3 attempts to qualify so bring up to 150 rounds of ammunition

Day shoot $100.00

Day with a night shoot $150.00