206 - Rifle/Handgun Transition

Prerequisites for this course are 210 Basic Combat Handgun AND 201 Basic Combat Rifle – NO EXCEPTIONS. You must complete each of these courses in order to be eligible to attend these training courses offered by Delaware Tactical.

This is an 4 hour course designed for experienced shooters. (Experienced means a good working knowledge of your firearms, loading, unloading, reloading and malfunction clearing of both weapon systems). We will cover transitioning from the rifle to handgun, fixing malfunctions with both weapon systems, recovering back to the rifle correctly, mindset, awareness and many other tactical considerations. We will put you in several types of scenarios including; moving and shooting, use of cover and concealment, non-traditional shooting positions and much more.

Course fee is $195.00

Equipment list for the class:

  • Open Mind
  • Rifle with a sling and 3 magazines
  • Fighting size pistol with at least 3 magazines, kydex type holster and quality belt
  • 250 rounds of ammunition for each weapon system
  • Water
  • Clothing suitable for range and weather