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Praxis: an accepted practice or custom, or an idea translated into action, or something in reality rather than something in theory.


This facility was built to test your home/personal defense skills in a safe but dynamic environment. All of the training conducted in this facility will use less than lethal munitions and training weapons. Delaware Tactical will supply all of the equipment necessary for the course; firearm, ammunition and gear. The facility is designed to give the student endless scenario exposure as the interior can be changed between scenarios. Students will not be training to the structure but train to over come obstacles.


SAFETY: All of these courses will use a mix of role players and reactive targets to give you the best real-world training possible without the possibility of training accidents with firearms. Our firearms use less lethal munitions, and they will only be fired at reactive targets. We use computer controlled auto targets that respond to impact from the munitions. Delaware Tactical will provide all of the necessary safety equipment for the courses. We also have a safety check system to ensure no live firearms enter the area or facility.


Who are these courses for?

Anyone that wants to test their skill level in scenario based, tactical situations. The student should possess a fair working knowledge of:

  • Fundamental firearms safety rules
  • Muzzle awareness
  • Shooting fundamentals
    • Grip
    • stance
    • Sight alignment
    • Trigger control
  • For the medical response course, you should have a working knowledge of tourniquet application.
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