Home Defense

We offer two courses that do not require live ammunition. The only prerequisite to these courses is that you are proficient with handling a firearm safely. In these courses we will cover use of force, deadly force, force options, mindset and practical exercises. This is an active course and we will supply all equipment necessary for the courses. Personal weapons are NOT permitted in these courses. We will be using various forms of training weapons, reactive targets and role players.

Movements and tactics – This is a 4-5 hour course based on defending your home. There will be classroom where we will discuss legal issues, tactics, myths about over penetration, lighting, safety and defense plans. Then we move out to our Tac house where we will demonstrate and run exercises teaching you about angles, doorways and hallways. This is not a live fire class. We will supply all of the equipment necessary to complete the course.

Threat response drills – This 4-5 hour course includes classroom and practical exercises. The classroom will cover use of force and force options. During the practical exercises you will be require making decisions and respond to, in your face, situations where you will need to make critical decisions based on force options and use of force law. We will provide all equipment needed to complete this course. No live weapons will be permitted in the training area.