Advanced Combat Handgun

Prerequisite for this course is our Basic Combat Handgun or a certificate from another reputable training organization - NO EXCEPTIONS.

These courses are designed to apply the Basic combat fundamentals from our Basic Combat Handgun course into new environments and drills. We are strict with the basic combat fundamentals and stress perfect practice. We will challenge shooters with time events, movements, multiple target engagement, nontraditional shooting positions, fight drills, exertion drills, active shooter live fire drills and much more.

Obviously we cannot cover all there is to fighting with your pistol in 1 course so we offer 3 seperate training days to cover all of our curriculum.  We are always changing and modifying the courses of fire for these courses.



This is a great follow up course for Basic Combat Handgun. we take the fundamentals that you learned in BCGH and get you moving. we will teach you the concepts behind staying in motion, moving to cover, closing the gap, shot placement, making hits in the appropriate area based on the situation. We break down the deficiencies of flat range 180* mindset and get you thinking about reality.

Proximity defense

This class puts you up close and personal with the bad guy. The average gunfight happens at 3 feet away, lasts 3 seconds and an average of 3 rounds are fired. You will learn about retention shooting, fending techniques, appropriate extension, how to safely collect the gun when creating distance. This class is an absolute must for anyone wanting to learn how to defend themselves with a firearm from a compromised position. You are already locked up with the bad guy!!! How do we win!!


Close Quarters Fighting

This course is all about fighting up close and personal with your pistol. The average gunfight happens at 3 feet away, lasts 3 seconds and an average of 3 rounds are fired. We will teach how to defend yourself in this high stress rapidly evolving situation. You will participate in drills simulating rear attacks, ground fighting, multiple threats at document exchange distances and much more. we will emphasize making your hits, moving your feet, turning the violent switch on and turning it off when the fighting is over, situational awareness, scanning and finding a new place to be. If you want to learn how to fight and run drills doing just that then this is the course for you.

Moving and Shooting

In any gun fight it is extremely important to keep your heart in motion. It may also be necessary to engage the threat with your firearm as you move to cover or get out of the area of danger or get to a family member. we take a common sense approach to moving and shooting and will teach you the key elements to be successful at this technique. we will also teach you how to move tactically to a piece of cover. You will participate in several drills where you will shoot while you move, shoot then move and move then shoot. We emphasize making your hits and only shooting when you can make your hits. This skill set is one of the most difficult to master and requires many hours of practice to be competent at hitting your target while moving your feet. Come train with us and we will teach you how!!!

Using Cover and Concealment

The use of cover and concealment is a very valuable tool. One must also have an understanding of the difference between the two. This course will cover both and additionally; proper use of cover, the pros and cons of distance from cover and sucking up to cover, bullet frag off cover and the dangers associated with it, how to keep cover between you and the threat, moving from one piece of cover to the next, scanning for the next place, how to engage a threat from cover, shooting around and under cover and much more. We emphasize making your hits, mindset and situational awareness. We will discuss building structure and cover and concealment considerations in your home.

Positional Shooting

Most instructors spend a lot of time on proper stance when shooting, we do NOT. The most we talk about is be athletic in your stance so you can be mobile. The fact of the matter is that when someone starts shooting at you, you will make yourself the size of whatever cover is available or will be moving quickly out of the situation or to a piece of cover. in these cases, stance goes out the window. Come train with us and we will put you in non traditional non conventional shooting positions. we have tools that will make you get your body in shooting positions that you never thought existed and you will make your hits on single and multiple targets. This course will compliment our other course "using cover and concealment" with additional instruction and experience reloading and fixing malfunctions in these awkward positions.

Fast and Accurate

This subject is broken down into 3 separate classes all designed to teach economy of effort and motion to make the shooter get shots off sooner and accurately in order to win the fight.

  • Holster work - getting out of the holster cleanly, quickly and breaking the shot accurately. multiple shots, multiple targets
  • Economy of motion - how to set up for a shot efficiently, transitions, multiple targets and more
  • Task, conditions, standards - these are standards used by Sig Academy as a cold out of the box standard. we will discuss how the times were developed. when training is a premium these TCS's will give you something to train and practice. these include shots from high and low ready, multiple shots, multiple threats, reloads, and more.

All of these courses end with a test that if passed you will receive a Tier III challenge coin.

Extreme Conditions

This course will teach you to fight in extreme conditions such as cold frozen conditions, bloody conditions, violent conditions, one handed manipulations while you are fighting, and more. take your training to the next level and learn how to function your weapon and fight in extreme conditions.

CCDW scenario Drills - live fire - auto targets

This course encourages the use of your CCDW equipment. We will conduct drills based on everyday situations that may turn bad. we will use the auto target system to present good guys, bad guys into the drill. threat identification, voice commands, movements and threat engagement will all be part of this course. The auto-target system allows us to dictate when the threat or non threat appear, how long they appear, where you must hit the threat and how many times you must hit as well as how many and how frequent the threats appear. This system teaches the student the value of staying in the gun and on the threat during shot cycles.