Civilian Self-Defense
3-hour workshop: JULY 27, 2024 9am-12pm
Delaware Tactical Academy in Camden $125.00
Adult krav maga classes are open to Men, Women, and Teens, age 13 and up.  Our goal is to teach students practical self-defense techniques that are easy to learn and utilize.  Training will cover a variety of scenarios to help you stay safe in various situations should the need arise.  Defenses against sucker punches, grabs, chokes, and if time allows, defending against attackers with weapons

Israeli Krav Maga is designed to prepare civilians to defend against any type of street confrontation. Awareness training is paramount and de-escalation/avoidance tactics are heavily emphasized. IKM self-defense teaches students to defend against unarmed and armed assailants wielding any type if a weapon, including edged, impact, or a firearm. Multiple opponent strategies and tactics are also emphasized. Our training focuses on real-life, street-proven self-defense techniques while integrating extensive fitness conditioning to further hone one’s skill sets.