102 - Basic Rifle Fundamentals

This rifle course is designed for the first time rifle owner or new shooter looking for a basic safety, fundamentals and function class for a rifle. This 4 hour course is the next step in your educated journey in the use of a firearm. Your class will consist of:

Firearms safety - Basic fundamentals - Dry work loading/unloading/stance/grip/sights/trigger control - live fire of 100 rounds.

You do not need to own a handgun for this course, you can use ours. You can simply take the course to become familiar and comfortable with a handgun.

If you are looking for training and education with a pistol or shotgun, we offer individual lessons for those firearms. Individual lessons

What you will need for the class:

  • AR style Rifle and 100 rounds of ammunition 
  • Ear protection(we can provide this at no additional cost)
  • Eye protection (we can provide this at no additional cost)
  • Course fee is $130.00 

We do NOT give refunds but we will allow you to reschedule.