Preliminary steps to getting your New Jersey CCW permit.

We offer New Jersey only qualification classes.

The cost of the course is $100.00

The qualification for New Jersey concealed carry will be an add on option for all Maryland and Delaware concealed carry classes.

You will need 50 rounds of ammunition for your specific firearm for each attempt to qualify. If you are adding this course as an option to MD or DE you will still need the 50 rounds in addition to what DE and MD call for.

You will need - 

FID Card 
What does a New Jersey FID card do? Your FID card will allow you to purchase ammo and long guns in the state of NJ. 

  • Resident of NJ without FID card
  • If you do not have a New Jersey FID card (Firearms ID card). This process will enroll you automatically for the Resident FID card.
  • You will receive a digital e-FID card
  • Resident of NJ with old FID card address
  • If your FID card has an old address and does not match your driver’s license, you must apply for an FID card change of address.
  • Click here! for the page.
  • Non-Resident of NJ without FID card
  • If you do not have a New Jersey FID card (Firearms ID card). This process will enroll you automatically for the Resident FID card.
  • You will receive a digital e-FID card

Pistol (s) you are going to qualify with:
You cannot “borrow or rent a pistol” You must use a pistol that you intend to register and carry in New Jersey to qualify. Must be .380 and above caliber!
Jersey Residents - Don’t have a pistol yet? Click here to get a pistol permit.  

Ammunition and Magazines:
3 magazines would be “ideal”, but you will need at least 2 for a semi-automatic. For a revolver you will need 2 speed loaders. 50 rounds of factory ammunition per firearm. 

Written Proof of Firearm Ownership you intend to Carry:
Ownership can be a purchase receipt or permit to purchase or a notarized letter of ownership listing the make model and serial number of the handgun(s). Qualification must be within six (6) months of application and must also be obtained from a certified firearms instructor. The written certification must include the instructor’s name and certification number, make, model, caliber and serial number of handgun(s). 

Proof of Identification and Citizenship:
You must supply proof of identification and Citizenship. (Driver’s license and birth certificate or Passport / naturalization paperwork / green card).

Your State Police Application Packet Check List: 
These forms can be filled out on your computer.  To do so, you need to download the forms and use Adobe Acrobat Reader to fill them out. Acrobat Reader is free and you can find it here: Click Here

Permit to Carry Application:  
1- Read the Permit to Carry Instructions: Click Here to Download
2- Permit to carry application: Click Here and Download

Consent for Mental Health form 

Out of State Resident: 
When you have your packet ready including your Qualification score sheet you will need to apply at the closest non-toll road State Police Barracks to where you reside.

Qualification Course:
On the range you will demonstrate familiarity with the safe handling of firearms. Upon successful completion you will be given a certificate to submit with your application. All of our instructors are USCCA, NRA, Sig Sauer Academy and/or LE certified. 

This is not a beginner course! You will be required to demonstrate safety, familiarity, and accuracy. It is pass or fail.
– No holster needed
– All shooting from the ready position
– 50 rounds per firearm
– FBI Q target
– 24 rounds at 7 yards
– 14 rounds at 10 yards
– 6 rounds at 15 yards
– 6 rounds at 25 yards
For a total of 50 rounds. Must hit at least 40 rounds out of 50 (80%)

Practice for your upcoming NJ CCW Qualification:

Come to Delaware Tactical for one on one coaching with one of our instructors

  • practice the course of fire
  • review the fundamentals


  • Pursuant to Attorney General Directive No. 2022-07 dated June 24, 2022. “Justifiable need to carry a handgun” is not required.
  • We recommend you do not submit an incomplete carry package to your town. Submit the entire package at once. 
  • You need to practice the course of fire, because it will be pass or fail.
  • Does NJ CCW have Reciprocity? Some states recognize NJ’s permit, but at the moment, NJ does not recognize any out of state permit. 
  • You must renew your NJ CCW every 2 years.
  • Maximum 2 guns to qualify for now (per session) and they must be the ones you are planning to carry.
  • Non residents can apply?  Yes! NJ does not distinguish resident from non resident!
  • Firearm(s) maximum of two for initial qual. Note – These firearms will be listed on your qual form with serial numbers and those are the only specific firearms you can legally carry once your permit is approved by the NJSP.
  • Federal law prohibits anyone with a medicinal or recreational marijuana card from applying for a NJ CCW permit.
  • Can a green card holder, who is not a US citizen, apply for the NJ CCW? If they can legally own a firearm in NJ, they can apply. 
  • What if I fail? You will have to pay and retake the class. 

Click here for more information and forms from the New Jersey Website