Pistol Wizardry
PLEASE NOTE: PistoL Wizardry class date is September 19th, not September 18th as noted in our June Newsletter. We apologize for any confusion!


Delaware Tactical will be hosting Rick Torres from Torres Tactical Solutions who will be teaching a Pistol Wizardry course on September 19, 2021. 1pm until 7pm with an hour lunch. This is an excellent course for experience shooters to drill down into the weeds of you shooting skills.

Read about Rick’s background bere


Pistol Wizardry Course Description

This class is designed for the person who has taken a few classes and understands the basic fundamentals of pistol shooting or someone who has competed and is not achieving their desired results due to inconsistencies in their shooting. We will explore the fundamentals thoroughly and dissect why our bodies and learning style affects our shooting. Each shooter will then shoot a battery of tests with video reviews.  Here each student will view every aspect of the shooting cycle to see their inefficiencies. The class will move through a series of dry and live fire drills delivered through different angles of the adult learning phases.  This will allow each student to develop a plan for improvement that works for them.   


  • Test Battery
  • Video Breakdown of Each Shooter 
  • Recognizing How Each of Us Learn 
  • Correcting Fundamental Errors   
  • Live and Dry Fire Drills with Video Review 
  • Developing an Individual Plan Based on Shooter Needs   

Price of class: $275 

6 hour class. 1 hour break -  lunch

Class Size: 10


Class Requirements:

  • Round Count: 200-300rds 
  • Ear and Eye Protection 
  • Safe Holster of Quality Construction