mother - daughter/son range day

Moms, come join us for a fun educational day at the range and learn while you enjoy the day with your son or daughter. We will cover the following information during this class:

Firearm safety - we will dive deep into firearm safety and how it applies not only at the range, but any time you are handling firearms.

Reactionary gaps - we will talk about our response times and how are brain processes recognition and why it is not instantaneous. We will run live fire drills to help better understand this.

Action vs Reaction - we will talk about how reaction will always be slower than action. We will also talk about options for response, how to reduce the reactionary gap. We will explain, and through drills, show you how we need to use our situational awareness so that we can respond sooner rather than later. 


We will be using our reactionary target system for this class. Respond to shoot/no shoot targets, multiple targets set on a timed system. This system will allow you to see your response times identifying and engaging threat or threats. We will debrief and discuss training options and methodology used for being efficient and effective.


We will end the day with a friendly team competition between groups!!!


What will you need for the class

Students should have a basic understanding of their firearm and safe operation

Student will need a holster for their firearm and be able to safely draw and return to the holster

1 handgun - revolver of pistol of any caliber

Approximately 100 rounds of ammunition

Eye protection

Ear protection


We can provide the firearm, holster and 100 rounds of ammunition for $40.00

We can provide the eye and ear protection at no additional cost


Class fee is $40 per person

$35 for current members of Armed Women of America use code: AWA$5