Ladies Only Defense Training Courses

We have a group of courses specifically designed for women. With the exception of L.A.C.E., these courses are designed to be taken in a specific order so that after taking them you are prepared to participate in our advanced firearms courses and Force on Force classes. 

Drawing from a holster

This is a 3 hour course where we share processes for proper and safe pistol presentation. We will discuss different types of holsters and how to draw from each of them. We will use our SIRT pistols and simulator to work on the drawing process. You will get several repetitions for each type of holster. Bring any and all holster you use or intend to use and we will give instruction for proper and safe presentation from them. We will record your draw times to show the difference in efficiency for each type of carry.

This course will be held at our Defense Training Academy in Camden

Course cost $75.00

Basic Pistol Defense 1 - SIRT pistols and Simulator

This handgun course is designed for a basic safety, handling, function and operation of a handgun. This is a 3 hour course that will get you started on the educated journey in the use of a firearm.

Your class will consist of:

Firearms safety - Basic fundamentals - Dry work loading/unloading/stance/grip/sights/trigger control. You will use our training firearms for this course, we will provide everything you will need. You can simply take the course to become familiar and comfortable with a handgun. You will use our state of the art firearms training simulator.

This course will be held at our Defense Training Academy in Camden

Course cost $125.00

Basic Pistol Defense 2

This 4 hour course will reinforce Basic Pistol Defense 1. This is a live fire class and we will provide everything you need. Pistol, holster and ammunition. All you need to bring is a good stiff belt. Building on Basic Pistol Defense 1, we will discuss natural point of aim, moving your feet when presenting from the holster, scanning and gather information. We will also work on trigger Management. This curriculum will prepare you for our 201-Combat pistol and the last course in this series, FAST for Women. 

This course will be held at our Defense Training Academy in Camden

Course cost $200.00

L.A.C.E. 3-hour workshop

The Womens' Defense Coalition, Delaware Tactical Academy and StandByMe Security are working together to ensure women's safety.  
For the first time ever, we are hosting an IKMA* Krav Maga  WOMEN'S SELF DEFENSE workshop known as L.A.C.E
L.A.C.E.  stands for Ladies Awareness, Confidence & Empowerment – “A Girls Guide to Kicking Butt!”
Our specialized Women’s Self-Defense program – L.A.C.E. –  has been designed to prepare women both physically and mentally, to react and defend themselves if ever put in a real life-threatening situation. The training covers a wide variety of scenarios both inside and outside (vehicles, dark parking lot, etc.) of our training facility. The women who attend these seminars are taught the most effective, street-proven self-defense techniques such as releases from grabs, chokes and bear hugs, striking defenses, weapon disarming, and ground survival techniques. We place an emphasis on preparing women to be able to defend themselves under stress – eliminating the “shutting down and freezing” reaction.
Training will provide you with the tools to fend off a would-be attacker, while feeling safe, secure, and empowered in your everyday life. Krav Maga relies on one’s natural instincts & reflexes and is an easy-to-learn self-defense system for women of all ages, sizes, and physical abilities.
This course will be held at our Defense Training Academy in Camden

Course cost $125.00

W.A.R.D. - Women's Active Response Drills - Force on Force Reality Based Training

This 6 hour course will be a combination of Force on Force scenarios and interactive video simulator scenarios. We have designed this course in a crawl, walk, run methodology. You will participate individually in scenarios while being coached, then debriefed and then run the scenarios again for best results. We will give you some basic techniques for bracing, framing, center of balance and strikes. 

You will also participate in video simulation scenarios and participate in the debriefing as a group.

This course will be held at our Defense Training Academy in Camden

Course cost $150.00

F.A.S.T. for Women

This 5 hour course is a high paced, high energy with a lot of repetitions during each drill. We will work on holster presentation, moving your feet while engaging, cognitive processes while engaging, draw times, reactionary gaps, and action vs reaction skill sets.

Using our automated targeting system you will experience the following: 

Timed threat engagements, single threats, multiple threats, target transitions, threat management and shot placement. Drills will be run multiple times for chances to improve while being coached. We will provide everything you need for this course to include the pistol, ammunition and holster. 

This course will be held at our Seaford location

Course cost $250.00