Dry Practice courses


With ammunition being scarce, we wanted to create some new classes that would allow you to continue your training without the need for live ammunition.

Our DRY PRACTICE classes are the perfect courses to take you through training with your firearm, without the need for live ammunition.  You'll learn more than just dry firing your weapon. We'll include weapon manipulation, holster work, movement, fending, multiple targets, how to set up your own training and much more. This is an intense course that is highly interactive. We combine lecture with guided practice to deliver the best course possible. We will introduce you to drills suitable for entry level to advanced using SIRT training pistols, your clear and safe firearm, training magazines and more.

We split this into two different classes, Dry practice 101 and 102. Each class is 3 to 4 hours of lecture and hands on drills. We supply everything you need for the class. 


Topics covered during these courses include:

Dry Practice 101

  • Why dry practice is important
  • Considerations for dry practice
  • Review of the fundamental firearms safety rules
  • How to set up a safe dry practice environment
  • Dry fire tools
  • The learning process
  • Holster work
  • Trigger Control
  • Trigger work on a timer

Dry Practice 102

  • Refresh tpoics from 101
  • Calling your shots
  • Multiple targets
  • Target selection
  • Moving and shooting

And much more!!

These are 3-4 hour high paced courses. We will provide all the equipment necessary for the course. All you need to bring is a note pad and writing tool

Course cost is $75.00 each